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Angular Carto: Introduction

If you work with geospatial data and haven't had a chance to work with Carto , you are missing out. Carto is a platform for creating interactive geospatial visualizations on the web. The canned maps that you can build from the web-based designer are surprisingly powerful, especially if you are already familiar with SQL and CSS . If you are a proficient web programmer, you can use their JavaScript API to customize your map in virtually any way you can imagine. Carto hits a sweet spot of simplicity and flexibility that suits me nicely. I work on a team whose job is to help our clients make sense of data. The efficiency with which we can produce Carto web applications frees up our time to add value in other areas. As great as Carto is, one problem that is becoming more pressing is that we're making a lot of the same maps on different data sets. Consequently, we're starting to do a lot of copy-and-paste code reuse . Over the next year, we will be refactoring essential map f