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Rose City Mile

June 25 was a bright clear day with a high of 90. On that morning, the Rose City Mile was contested at Duniway track in southwest Portland. After a spring that was mostly pouring rain and highs of 65, it was a somewhat challenging transition. Once the masters heats wrapped up it was my turn. I must have been feeling pretty down about my running when I signed up because I seeded myself at 7 minutes. I at least managed to beat that by quite a bit with a 6:19. I came through the first lap in 82 so I clearly remember how to get out with the pack but I need to do some work to hold that pace through to the finish line. Three more men's heats followed me. Men's heat 4 was an exciting duel to the finish, with Ahmed Muhumed taking the win in 4:08.17. Women's heats ran next. Sam Bowen (#117) won her heat in 5:48.35. Sam came through the first lap with the rest of the pack, but took control of the race early. She opened a bigger and bigger gap as the race progressed and