Rose City Mile

June 25 was a bright clear day with a high of 90. On that morning, the Rose City Mile was contested at Duniway track in southwest Portland. After a spring that was mostly pouring rain and highs of 65, it was a somewhat challenging transition.

Once the masters heats wrapped up it was my turn. I must have been feeling pretty down about my running when I signed up because I seeded myself at 7 minutes. I at least managed to beat that by quite a bit with a 6:19. I came through the first lap in 82 so I clearly remember how to get out with the pack but I need to do some work to hold that pace through to the finish line.

Three more men's heats followed me. Men's heat 4 was an exciting duel to the finish, with Ahmed Muhumed taking the win in 4:08.17.

Women's heats ran next. Sam Bowen (#117) won her heat in 5:48.35. Sam came through the first lap with the rest of the pack, but took control of the race early. She opened a bigger and bigger gap as the race progressed and won by almost ten seconds. Sam joined Rose City Track in 2021, in part because it's one of the few clubs that will train its athletes in the 800 m.

Amanda Phillips was the women's champion, running 4:46. She broke decisively from the pack after the first lap and never relinquished the lead.

And then there were the coed 4x4s. Amanda ran leg 2, her team was 2nd in 4:03.87. Sam ran anchor, her team was 8th in 4:37.92. Teresa Wetherbee ran leg 3, her team was 13th in 5:05.06. I recruited Jarrod at the last minute for my team; I ran leg 2 and he ran anchor; we finished 14th in 5:09.71. I was impressed that the clerk read my team name (Pios, Logger, Badger) and correctly announced us as "Lewis & Clark, Puget Sound, Wisconsin."

Not much else to say other than everyone had a great time, and is looking forward to next year. As I was on the home stretch of my 4x4 I was admiring the forested hillside that rises up from the finish line; it's a beautiful venue.

A big thank you to Sam, Teresa, and everyone else at Rose City Track for their hard work making it happen.

Took a group photo to document how much fun we had. Sam, Karl, Jarrod, Brendy, Teresa. Photo by Laura Thomas.
Amanda charges toward the bell. Photo by Karl Dickman.
4x4: Pioneer, Logger, Pioneer, Badger. Photo by Brendy Hale.