Pervasive version control

I used to ssh into the computer labs to do my Advanced Computer Graphics homework from my home.  Although vim worked pretty well over the X tunnel, it was a little slow.  Then I tried using sftp, pulling down the files and pushing them back.  This also proved to be a pain.  I eventually settled on hosting my work on GitHub.  This has worked very well so far.

It also introduced me to the idea of pervasive version control.  Now I'm creating git repositories everywhere I go.  In my home directory, .bashrc, .vimrc, and company are all in a repository, which is hosted on GitHub.  Now whenever I encounter a new computer, I can just pull my settings down from GitHub.  If I ever make changes that I need to use at home, I just push them back.

Just tonight, I discovered some inadequacies with my resume system.  I used to have a different folder for every company, with a custom resume and cover letter in each folder.  Sounds like a job for version control, right?  Each company has its own branch.  When I make a change that needs to occur in every resume, I edit the master branch and merge changes from master in all the other ones.  It's much easier this way.